The Ultimate Digital Travel Experience

  • Seamless Passenger Experience

    Bookings. Check-in. Ancillary sales. Personalized offers. Merchandising. Notifications. One platform.

  • Easy Shopping

    Boost online sales with flexible merchandising, relevant ancillary choices and personalized offers.

  • Mobile and Connected

    Mobile apps, chatbots and responsive web design for convenient access from any device, anywhere.

  • Custom Solutions

    Solutions that fit into your environment and grow with your business. Any size. Any host system. Any volume.

  • Happy Customers

    Intelligent multi-channel notifications keep passengers connected, informed and engaged.

  • Extended Distribution

    Secure open architecture that enables rich content distribution to drive direct sales.




eePaxSuite is a robust internet booking engine (IBE), e-commerce and communication platform. It facilitates a seamless digital experience for air travelers, and offers airlines flexibility and control at all customer touchpoints.

Available as a fully-integrated platform, or individual modules, eePaxSuite empowers airlines to create custom mobile and desktop solutions that make maximizing direct sales effortless.

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Get the Most Out of Your Solution

  • Making it Happen

    Your solution can be delivered by our agile team of experts within a matter of months. Our flexibility and responsiveness keep you ahead of the curve in an ever-changing industry.

  • Customer Care

    Management of the success of your platform requires ongoing support and care. Our project managers initiate and coordinate continuous enhancement and innovation throughout your relationship with us.

  • Technical Support

    We are committed to providing outstanding customer support. Our technical experts are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to resolve any issues.

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