23. Nov 2020
Career Speed Dating 2020 at FER Zagreb

We are excited to participate at this year’s Career Speed Dating event organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. 

The event will be held on December 8 – 10, 2020 at the University in Zagreb. Students will have the opportunity to experience an eight-minute interview with their selected company. 

At this year's Career Speed Dating, students will be able to choose from 44 companies, which are divided into 11 groups. 2e Systems is currently looking for internships for Front End Developers, Back End Developers, and Quality and Business Analysts for our Croatian office. 

To introduce our company and to give students an idea into a day at 2e Systems, we have put together a blog post, which we would like to share on our website: 

"Hi, we would like to introduce you to a typical Software Architect at 2e Systems: My name is Marko, and I am working at 2e Systems as a Software Developer for 2.5 years. I’d like to take you on a quick journey and show you what a typical working day at 2e Systems could look like. 

It’s already 8:45 am, and I better get moving…  today I’ll be going into the office. I’m lucky because we have flexible working hours. Most of the time, I use my bicycle as the exercise keeps me fit, and I think it’s important to be eco-friendly. We also get a travel allowance, so I can use the bus or tram if it’s raining or too cold. I arrive at our office near the Botanical gardens, leave my bike in the secure bike room, and head for a shower, already thinking about that first coffee.

I put on my mask before heading into the lifts and exit on the top floor; I never get tired of that view across the city. It’s much quieter these days due to Coronavirus, but we have a system in place to ensure we can work safely. It’s always a relaxed working atmosphere, and I have made great friendships with my teammates in the last 2 years, going out for movies and gaming nights, playing sports together, trying new restaurants, although it’s not been as easy to do during the pandemic.

My first task is already waiting for me. I received a message from my colleague William from our Melbourne office. We are using agile methodologies at 2e Systems, but today the issue is related to our production systems. He has been notified of an urgent problem from one of our client airlines on our mobile Check-in app built with React Native. The airline’s passengers were reporting problems to check-in for their flights. I’m hopping onto Google Meet with the rest of the team to discuss the problem and to find a solution - it’s a tricky one. We work closely together and soon identify the issue, and it’s going to require an urgent fix. I offer to take care of it, since I’m familiar with that area of code, and I get immediately to it. I begin by writing my test cases to verify and reproduce the problem, then I jump into the code and carefully check what needs to be done. After a few repetitions and adding more test cases, I feel confident I’ve solved the issue, and unit tests are green! I trigger the process to push my changes for review, and all being well, they’ll be deployed for my Quality Assurance colleagues to check. I’m done for now; our Project Management is already coordinating with the customer. 

The lunch chat on Skype is interrupting my last thought, and my colleagues are asking who wants to come downstairs to the canteen for something to eat; I can’t believe how fast time flies! My code changes were accepted (phew!), and my fix is already getting tested by QA. I have time and will join my mates for lunch. Masks back on!

Lunch is over, and the airline customer is now testing my fix. In the meantime, I can check my daily tasks and regular work. As I have nothing extremely urgent in the backlog, and I have already completed my tasks for the upcoming sprint, I decided to spend some time looking at a new project. The Coronavirus had, just like a lot of other industries, an impact on the airline industry. Our management reacted very quickly to the new situation and encouraged us to think of new ideas and strategies such as how to improve current products with new functionality, build something completely new, or even how to use our knowledge and abilities outside the travel industry. We had some fun setting up ‘think tank’ meetings as you see on TV where ideas were pitched, and later presented to our Executive Management in ‘shark tank’ sessions. It was all very easy going, and several ideas were taken forward. I just found out yesterday in our weekly company gathering that we got our first new contract in the medical industry, and it’s looking very promising that we can get even more projects in the healthcare business - a good reason to celebrate tonight. 

As I’m interested in climate change, I supported an internal “CO2 Net Zero” project, which will allow passengers to eliminate their carbon footprint when flying. The challenge is also to make it simple and easy to integrate into any website, and I’ve already got some ideas on which frameworks we could use. I think it will have a real impact, and I’m excited to get started! 

I just found out the “hotfix” (emergency deployment) was approved, and we are ready to start. I have joined my colleagues on Skype to begin and co-supervise the deployment to our production systems. First of all, we go through our pre-release checklists, just like a pilot would when preparing for take-off. We don’t want to miss anything even if we did it fifty times. The fix is deployed successfully, but we run one more checklist to ensure everything is working as it should. I received a notification that the airline is happy with the result, which is always encouraging to hear. We have good communication with our customers, and I sometimes join the meetings with them too.

And finally, my last calendar event pops up on my screen - the invite for our 2e virtual bar with colleagues from our other offices. It’s a bit late for Melbourne but I think William will be on this one. It was a productive and interesting day for me, and I’m extremely happy that I could solve the time-critical issue and I think we all learned something from it too. Now, it’s time to get a cold drink from the fridge, and to join my mates for our online Happy Hour. Better not forget I came on my bike! 

I hope you enjoyed accompanying me on my day at 2e Systems. I’m looking forward to sharing a drink and welcoming you as my new teammate. See you soon.    

Cheers, Marko"    

You can also find the blog post on the Career Speed Dating website: