30. Oct 2017
2e Systems wins top prize at IATA NDC Hackathon

IATA hosted the latest NDC Hackathon in Paris from 20 - 22 October 2017 where 24 international teams competed in developing products and solutions using the IATA NDC standard APIs to tackle the challenges that face business and leisure travellers.

The 2e team worked hard over the weekend to design, develop and demonstrate a concept that would showcase the NDC standard and help business travellers.   Called "ubTrippin" the team built a mobile app to help to organise, manage, book and monitor trips for teams and individuals.  Ideal for small to medium sized companies, the mobile app offers travel bookers and travellers not only flight options, but ancillary sales such as on-board wifi, extra leg room and meal purchases while keeping track of expenses against an allocated trip budget.

After just 28 hours of continuous coding, the 24 competing teams presented and demonstrated their solutions to a panel of expert judges who, after some deliberations, announced 2e Systems as the winners for the NDC Corporate Prize for “ubTrippin”.

“As first time participants at the NDC Hackathon, we were completely surprised the judges selected our solution, but we’re delighted they recognized the potential and value that the app has to help travellers and travel bookers” said Zeljko Sucic, who presented the app on behalf of the 2e team. 

Phil Douglas CEO of 2e Systems further commented.  “You can’t imagine how proud we are of our team; not only of their performance but that they were able to demonstrate how NDC can drive innovation for the benefit of travellers and businesses.  It was a great idea that was extremely well executed by the team.”

As part of the NDC Corporate Prize, 2e Systems has been offered the opportunity to present our solution at the next IATA event and the application itself will be showcased on the IATA NDC Developers portal.