05. Mar 2013
2e Systems and Condor launch automated APIS/ESTA check-in solution

In order to support Condor in simplifying the handling of Advance Passenger Information System (APIS), 2e Systems developed an upgrade to the online check-in platform for the carrier to manage routes and flights where passengers are required to submit this information prior to departure. APIS information is required for various countries, especially by U.S. and Canadian authorities, for all persons traveling to and from these countries. Besides the passport data, country of residence as well as address during the stay is required. The APIS data collection, which can also be collected at time of reservation, can now also be captured during the online check-in process and simplifies customers' travel preparations for flights to North America.

In addition, the carrier now has an automated solution to check ESTA status (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) and the security check required by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) prior to departure. When passengers check-in online for a US flight or US Overflight, the system will check the Official U.S. Government Web Site to see if the passenger has been authorized to travel within the Visa Waiver program. If this information is not present or if the security check was negative, the online check-in process will be aborted and passengers directed to the carrier for more information.

These upgrades, developed with the support of 2e Systems, help mitigate delays at airport check-in and help the carrier check for potential immigration issues well before departure. The service provides not only automated handling but also more seamless customer service.