29. Jul 2015
WestJet signs up for eeCrewConnect®
WestJet signs up for eeCrewConnect®

Canadian airline WestJet is the latest customer to choose 2e Systems' innovative crew notifications platform.

With eeCrewConnect®, cabin crew and flight crew members will receive real-time updates to their schedules and timely notification of cancelled flights. WestJet will initially utilize core platform capabilities which include SMS and email notification channels, with push notifications and a mobile app coming in subsequent releases. Support for notifications regarding hotel accommodation updates is scheduled for the next release.

Delivered alongside the eeCrewConnect® platform will be the cutting-edge eeManager tool which gives crew schedulers and managers full control of crew communications, including the ability to prioritise escalation intervention, and send manual ad-hoc messages.

2e Systems CEO, Phil Douglas, said, "We are delighted to announce our relationship with WestJet. As an industry leader in cockpit and cabin crew notifications, eeCrewConnect® particularly increases the success rate in contacting crew members during unplanned events, such as severe weather and airport closures. We look forward to customizing the platform to suit the specific needs of WestJet's operations and workforce."