30. Jan 2020
LATAM Airlines partners with 2e Systems to launch passenger communication service

LATAM, Latin America’s largest airline, has selected 2e Systems to provide their new multi-channel passenger communication application to inform, advise and update travelers throughout their journey. The advanced travel software solution eePaxConnect will allow LATAM to share real-time updates with passengers, to not only manage disruption and proactively engage with their customers, but to provide exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

The 2e Systems solution eePaxConnect keeps passengers up to date, ensures they get to their gate on time and increases operational efficiency. LATAM will be able to share real-time updates with passengers in case of any itinerary change. Furthermore, the application provides an escalation management for agents. By providing relevant information direct to individual passengers before they feel the need to contact someone, airlines can reduce the effects of disruption before they even take hold. 

“We are currently in a growth phase and have set ourselves some very ambitious goals. The passenger communication solution from 2e Systems will be critical in helping us to achieve those goals. With their advanced software solution, we can further optimize our customer travel experiences and improve our passenger notification capabilities. This will save us and our valued customers time and money.” said Nicolás González, Project Manager at LATAM Airlines Group. “We are delighted to have 2e Systems as our new IT provider and we are looking forward to building a strong relationship between our companies.” 

“LATAM was won over by the high quality of our 2e Systems products, as well as the potential savings and flexibility offered by our solution.” said Tracey Shaw, CCO and Deputy CEO at 2e Systems. “We are proud to have been chosen as LATAM’s preferred technology partner for their automated passenger notifications. 2e Systems is looking forward to our partnership with LATAM to deliver a leading, modern and innovative solution. We are very satisfied with our first ‘go-live’ phase in Peru and we are looking forward to deliver further agile improvements and roll out the software for all LATAM markets over the next few months.”   

About LATAM Airlines Group S.A

LATAM Airlines Group is Latin America’s leading airline group with one of the largest route networks in the world, offering services to 145 destinations in 26 countries, including six domestic markets in Latin America – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru – in addition to international operations in Latin America, Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, Oceania, Africa and Asia.

The airline group employs over 42,000 people worldwide, operating approximately 1,300 flights per day and transporting over 72 million passengers per year.

LATAM Airlines Group has 327 aircraft in its fleet, which features the latest and most modern models including the Boeing 787, Airbus A350, A321 and A320neo.

Picture caption 

Workshop with LATAM Airlines Group at 2e Systems Headquarter in Frankfurt; from left to right: 
Antonio Timko, Quality and Business Analyst at 2e Systems
Irena Čukoić, Quality and Business Analyst at 2e Systems
Maja Tarle, Quality and Business Analysis Manager at 2e Systems
Nicolás González Perez, Project Manager at LATAM Airlines Group
Sebastian Andres Faccuse Jaramillo, IT Project Manager at LATAM Airlines Group
Rodolfo Ignacio Raba Larraguibel, Project Engineer at LATAM Airlines Group
Miroslav Schlossberg, Project Manager at 2e Systems
Antonia Grbić, Software Analyst at 2e Systems
Karolina Đuras, Quality and Business Analyst at 2e Systems