10. Aug 2017
NextJet selects 2e Systems’ IBE

NextJet, the largest regional airline in Sweden, has selected 2e Systems to deliver their new e-commerce solution. The airline will receive the latest version of 2e’s internet booking engine.

eeBook for NextJet will support a best of breed approach, giving the airline the freedom to integrate third party solutions with minimum fuss. The public API gateway will adopt the concepts of the NDC standard, while ensuring security in this open environment, as well as minimizing underlying host transactions.

The application will come with a new single page front-end design, offering a crisp, responsive, and performant user experience for NextJet passengers. It will also be supported by the eeManager administration portal, giving NextJet the power to respond to this dynamic market with agility.

eeBook for NextJet is planned to be launched in Q4 of 2017.