12. May 2021
Payment data security company TokenEx joined forces with 2e Systems

2e Systems has teamed up with American cloud-based data security company TokenEx. The new collaboration will ensure that 2e Systems can offer and support airline clients with a solid data security solution to protect payment information. The cloud-based platform works transparently with the existing business processes and all payment service providers (PSP). The solution will be integrated on mobile and internet for 2e Systems shopping product, eeBook for online bookings, along with 2e Systems’s NDC solution, and as well as eeDepart for Check-in and ancillary sales.

 “TokenEx has developed one of the most innovative data security solutions in the industry,” said Phil Douglas, 2e Systems CEO and CTO. “The nature of electronic payment transactions can leave sensitive information exposed to hackers and malicious cyber threats. At 2e Systems we take data security very seriously, and we needed a reliable and seamless solution. We look forward to collaborating with TokenEx for many years to come.”

 2e Systems will offer the solution to its airline clients, who can choose to integrate the new standard for protecting sensitive, confidential, and valuable passenger payment data. Without disrupting existing processes, TokenEx completely removes the credit card number and security number (CVV), replacing it with nonsensitive and undecipherable data values called tokens. Once the sensitive data has been removed, even a successful breach of an organization’s systems results in no loss; the sensitive data remains safely vaulted and can be accessed only by swapping tokens for the original corresponding data.

 “We are delighted to welcome 2e Systems to our growing client list in Europe and adding their brand to our growing list of clients and service providers in the airline, ticketing sector.  Our platform provides the path of least resistance for PCI compliance but also offers flexible Payment Orchestration to enable 2e Systems to maximise their return on investment.  We look forward to many years partnering with 2e Systems” said Steve Gooding, European Sales Director.

 The solution works seamlessly in the background with any PSP or third party. As soon as a passenger enters their payment data, on a 2e Systems’ supported airline client booking engine or check-in or NDC solution, TokenEx will vault and replace the credit card and security number with an indecipherable token. 2e Systems will no longer directly handle payment data but secure tokens instead. The replaced payment info is vaulted and can be accessed as soon as it is needed by the passenger for the payment process. Once the payment card information is requested, the tokenized credit card data will be forwarded to the payment provider. Because sensitive information is removed, airline passengers don’t have to worry about the possibility of any payment card data loss.

 With the new partnership, 2e Systems will further ensure its PCI compliance. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a worldwide industry requirement for securing cardholder data. Established by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, the process requires organizations that interact with, or are exposed to, payment card information to follow several requirements to provide payment security control. 2e Systems will ensure the highest security standard for all payment transactions therefore protecting airline passengers’ sensitive data.