01. Nov 2017
NDC Hackathon: the developer’s perspective

By Zeljko Sucic

Arriving at the École Polytechnique in Paris, Saclay with approximately 200 people to participate in the NDC Hackathon was both exhilarating and a first time experience for the entire 2e team. 

Upon getting settled, the keyboards around us were smoking, which at first was distracting, but after a while the sound of murmur and keystrokes became very relaxing and we went into the "zone".  We had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted to develop from the start, but we were also aware of the time constraints and we really wanted to make something functional and useful.  So we decided to keep things simple and focus on those key functionalities we thought would really matter.

23. Sep 2016
4 Steps to Minimize the Impact of your IROPS

By Elise Douglas, Marketing Manager

4 Steps to Minimize the Impact of your IROPS

This summer has seen more and more airlines experiencing challenges with complex and often antiquated IT systems. In turn, more and more passengers and crew members have been experiencing frustration with cancelled and delayed flights.

According to Mark Dunkerley, CEO of Hawaiian Airlines, such outages are usually minor and short-lived, however the resulting displacement of crew can have long-term effects on an airline’s operations.